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At Zaffic, our software development team has decades of collective experience. From helping growing small and medium businesses build their digital presence to launching mega brands into new markets, we’ve worked in just about every industry and have the knowledge, experience & skills to guarantee your brand’s success.

We guarantee results and value with minimal cost compared to our competitors in the E-solutions industry. We offer you quick-start packages so you can get up and running faster, superb customer support, and a team of global partners who providing you with tech-spertise where and when you need it.


Smart. Simple. 


Experts in User-Driven Software Solutions for the Global Marketplace

Seamless Integration With Your Business

Your Resources Are Precious. We Add Value to Your Team.

Fast Performance

By delivering fast performance and near-zero latency, Zaffic enables you to seize upon a critical growth opportunity.

Dedicated Support

Zaffic's entire portfolio of IT & Marketing Solutions is supported by unmatched multilingual customer service and 24/7/365 monitoring.

Top Security

Our globally distributed security platform surrounds everything, from the enterprise to the cloud, so our customers' businesses can be 100% secure.

Our expertise drives your online presence and digital success

User driven digital solutions

User adoption is what drives us. We want all of our customers' users to experience the thrill of getting what they want, simply. To do this, each professional in our company focuses on strategic implementations to help you achieve your goals exponentially. 

Ensure your content is discovered

Search Engine and App Store optimization are critical to your digital success.  Our professional team of SEO and ASO experts will map and implement the optimal content strategy to ensure your content's reach is maximized.


Why Digitize?

The importance of digitizing your business, content and e-commerce.

When it comes to business today, the difference between your success and failure can be measured in a few milliseconds. Today’s big firms need to be able to integrate huge quantities of data, run complex algorithms and deliver millions of transactions per second. And you must be able to do it faster & better than your competition. By delivering lightning performance and near-zero latency, Zaffic enables you to seize upon critical growth opportunities.


To deliver high-performance technology & marketing infrastructure as a service for more than 120 multi-sector international firms, Zaffic requires a secure, high performance framework that is flexible and scalable enough to support sophisticated third-party and proprietary applications - while guaranteeing you speed to market as a competitive advantage. 


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